Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quite an interesting day really

It started with hearing all about Karen's lesson with Jody and the "McLean way".
As its something I've been reading up on lately I was of course keen to hear what she thought and how it all went.

Its nice to hear people enthusiastic about their achievements and Karen was really happy. I am thrilled and hope all progress continues to give her so much joy!

And then we had Steph bring Vinny here to play in the yards. Vinny has been started with the Parelli method. Even though I quite like the Parelli gear I have never been a devotee of the methods. They seem to suit a lot of people though so there must be something there..........just not what pushes my buttons I guess. Vinny did very well today though and is happily walking out with her rider.

So after that I took Gus for a ride. I think I have remembered why I don't always enjoy riding on my own. He is a good boy but left alone for 2 seconds he would just turn around and march us both off home again!
I think its something I obviously need to work on with him too LOL

Summers turn and I put her back in the bridle tonight. No real reason other than I know she prefers the halter and as such is nicer to ride in my opinion. I want her to be equally happy in the halter & bridle. Too much to ask??????
Any way all went well..........after a bit of a rough start. But again I chose to not react and it was all over in a flash. We rode around nicely in the places she has been spooking at and then headed off down the drive, past the spooky red tractor parked in the driveway and all without a spook or any nappy moments. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to jink it and say that all is good again so I won't LOL but maybe we have turned the corner in this part of the journey??

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