Friday, January 30, 2009

Its a bit like a rollercoaster .......

some ups and some downs but am enjoying the ride!

Zenobie & I took Gus and Summer out for a ride yesterday. Its weird watching someone else ride Gus. She hasn't been on a horse for quite a while but within minutes she had kicked her feet out of the stirrups and was totally relaxed on him.
She had a bit of a trot but his great big bouncy stride was a bit much even with stirrups so she settled back in to just cruising on him, as well as a couple of canters up a hill.

Summer was a prat, shying and spooking at things that only she seemed to be able to see. Funny how there was none of it once we headed for home though!

Today I took the wonderful Gus to Steph's to ride with Vinny. He is not hugely fussed on leading ponies but Vinny was not totally cooperative so Gus had to help out a couple of times.
In the end Vinny was getting along OK but she wasn't making life easy for Steph.

And tonight I have ridden Summer in the now cleared hay paddock. Its about 8 acres and I find big open spaces like that a bit difficult at times. Different story if I'm going somewhere but to just ride around and stuff I loose the plot a bit.
Dare I say it but we even attempted some schooling............poor pony.

The blimmen shed still isn't finished. They finally turned up yesterday will all the last bits needed, like the doors etc but there is no way the builders can lift the 2 big roller doors so now we have to get a hiab or something (apparently the kitset company should have done it) to lift them. And the 2 small doors don't fit the spaces so Butch is going to make 2 himself so that he can get it done!

No photo's again. Will try to get some over the weekend.

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