Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thats another "first' crossed off the list

Today I took Summer to Whitehall for a Fundraising Trek.

Its the first time I have ever taken her out on her own and not gone with someone (Jan) or met up with someone (Jan). Not a big deal for most people I guess but considering my confidence issues, it was quite a big thing for me.

It looked like rain very early and I was almost hoping it would start tipping down so I had an excuse to back out but it wasn't to bad so we loaded up and went.
Crazy but I had made myself pretty damn ill feeling by the time we had arrived.

However I needn't have worried at all. Summer was very, very well behaved. So much so that I had several people comment on how good she was being especially when the ruder ones would go galloping past people. At first she was keen to go with them but I quietly reminded her that we walk up hills and after that she was perfect!! YAY! A couple of times they galloped past, right beside her and she never even flicked an ear. Such a good pony.

She was a bit tired after lunch and quietly wandered home till the last km or so then she started to get a bit excited. Even once back at the float she was calling out and spinning around. Bizarre really. Thats what she was like at the endurance ride that time. Once loaded in the float though she settled right down and was quiet as again. I think she was just keen to get back home.

I finally got to meet Sarah, who is Gina's neighbour as well as Kate and Hannah. All 3 of them are "horsetalk boardies" as well as catch up with Susan W, Margaret, Alison, Trevor, Mary & Lesley. As well as Kim and a few others that I haven't seen for a couple of months. I am surprised that I know so many people sometimes........

And tonight I secured what will hopefully (again) be a lifetime home for Cruize to retire at. I am sure some people wonder what I see in that horse but you had to be there I guess and share the things we did. I have so much admiration for the obviously tough life he has lead and the hard ships he has endured. He has a heart the size of a house and I wish I owned enough land to let him live his life out in peace.

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