Thursday, December 11, 2008

When dreams don't make it to reality

Today we sold Jasper. It happened so fast I can't believe it still..................maybe it won't really happen?

Reality is not always easy to face up to and the buckets of tears I have cried this past year have not helped at all. Nothing changes. The situation is still the same. We are supposed to have the ability to change our situations if we so desire. I am desiring but as to the ability......its just not happening and I am angry about it.

This week has been unpleasant to say the least about it. Teenage drama's are not helping either and I hate the way this time of the year brings about a financial strain as well.

So the decision to sell Jasper was made very quickly 2 days ago. A friend and major supporter of him was rung and tonight they came, just to check him over and it was done.
One less horse again will help ease the strain financially I guess but it was the reality that we don't have the time or the money to develop him in the manner he deserves which forced the decision.

I don't know if its easier that its someone we know or if that will make it harder??
What if he turns out to be a failure as a racehorse? Am I going to be relieved that we didn't have to carry that or uncomfortable that its people we know?

Here's a few random photo's I took today.
First ones looking down onto the roof of the homestead and these below are of the swans on the lake. These are the young ones who have lost all their baby grey fluff and now look like big birds!

An below is the lovely Soul. He was the Kaimanawa we had from the muster as a foal. He is all grown up too now.

Anyway tomorrow I am off to Matakana Island for the weekend. I am not sure I'm looking forward to it now with all thats going on here at home.

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