Monday, December 8, 2008

Waiouru 2008

Here comes the sun.

Here's just a few photo's from our weekend at Waiouru. The campsite beside the lake was just beautiful. We had a visitor for most of the night who kept a few people busy keeping an eye on their horses.
The lone visitor

On Saturday we heading out and rode parallel to the highway and ended up on the other side of the lake for a lunch stop.
Me & Summer

It was pretty hot and got quite dusty at times. We didn't see many horse till later in the afternoon, when a few curious ones came to check us out.

The mountains looked just beautiful the whole weekend.
These 2 came really close. Very brave youngsters.
We saw several groups about this size in the distance but never got close enough to get good photo's.

My pretty Summer.
We were able to ride through the area where they do live firing. This has obviously been a favourite target!
Horse was a good boy as was Summ. He was pretty tired the second day and got a bit moody when crowded but he did really well!
Heading back to camp we crossed the dam we had camped beside. We took them swimming in the lake on Saturday. Horse is a natural swimmer and absolutely loved the water. Summer is not so happy about getting wet but I did get her deep enough to get her swimming too. The water was really cold but it was good to get rid of some of the dust. It was another great weekend in what the people there call a 63,000 hectare paddock. Very different to last year. Different terrain, very well organised, great food and just a fun weekend. I absolutely love it out there and am looking forward to when we can go again.

Summer being nosey at the sevice staion on the way home

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