Monday, December 15, 2008

Matakana Island

Gus & I headed to Katikati on Friday. Thats where you cross over to Matakana Island.

I generally always go with someone on these trips so going it alone was another new experience.
The ride across is fairly uneventful. Tide was right out so not too much water to cross anywhere.
There were a few people that I have met before on treks so it was nice to catch up with them again.

As it was the afternoon when we crossed it was just a matter of settling the horses before being welcomed onto the Marae we were staying at.
The people there couldn't have made us more welcome. The food was amazing!! The sleeping arrangements were typical Marae style. 8 in our whare and 4 of them were snorers. If I ever go again I'm taking a tent!

The next day we headed out across the water again to the other side of the island. The water got quite deep and despite my best efforts I had wet feet for the rest of the day.

Gus was steaming along. Out near the front the whole time. I had quite a job getting him to stop so I could take photo's.
The Pohutukawa's were beautiful. Matakana is completely possum free and it really shows.
Once we got out to the other side of Matakana a few of us went for a bit of a blat along the beach. I was trying to be careful with Gus and save him as he really isn't the fittest and I didn't want to wear him out to soon. Gus had other idea's though and the gentle canter I intended turned into a flat out gallop. I had no hope of stopping him for a while but he wasn't as fast as some of the others and I knew once they stopped he would too so I just went along and enjoyed the ride.

This is the other side of Mount Maunganui that you can see from Matakana.
They are really into horses over there. There were 3 stallions I saw. A big black clydie boy, a small black stallion and a blanket Appaloosa. Most of the kids ride and compete at mounted games.
They also have this clydie team as part of the Tourism side of things.
This is the view across to Omokoroa from just below the Marae.
Sunday we headed out for a ride again. The only person to fall of the whole weekend and he had to land in the water. This guy has only been riding a short time and it appeared his horse may have stood on a flounder or something as it lept sideways and he fell off. Thats his wife pushing him back into the saddle.
We had a lovely ride, then stopped for a lunch break under some trees. We had to wait for the tide to go out before we could cross back to katakati.

This is a stump I was about to stand on so I could get back on Gus. I just loved the way it has split in the sun.
So Gus went like a train the whole weekend. I even have a blister from trying to keep him back behind the guide. Once we hit the beach to head home I just let him walk out. Him and one other fast walking horse got out in front and led everyone home back across the harbour. Maybe time to cut back on some of the rocket fuel (hard feed) he has been on aye.............

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I was one of the dutch people on the same trek as you. In my blog you can see some pictures and videos we take from the trip. Just go to and klik on fotos or video. My blog is in Dutch, but you can see our pictures.