Sunday, November 23, 2008

A weekend at home

Poor Gus. Things just aren't going his way right now. Just when I let my guard down and thought everything was right..............he is lame.

The hole from the nail he stood on nearly a month ago now is infected. I thought I had kept it bandaged for long enough but it seems not.
So we are soaking and poulticing and bandaging again. This time I will just keep going till I am sure its completely healed.

Summer is being awful. I guess we will get through it but she is shattering my hard won confidence very quickly at the moment.

The Shrekster is a real sweet boy though. He came for a ride today (Steph rode him) and just plodded along. Can't have been easy for him having madam misbehaving beside him but he just kept on going and took no notice of her thankfully.

Brad has been and they have set the mileage now for this leg of the GNZ Trek. Its getting to that time when everyone is talking about it and making plans.
And then there is me wondering if we can afford it now after I spent most of the trek fund on Summer's saddle.

Yesterday Charlie rode Horse. First ride in a week. Summer was being a handful then too and thankfully (again) he just ignored her. He was totally in cruiser mode and Charlie is, of course, thrilled. He has been hatching a plan it seems to get some fitness work into him.
Poor horse is apparently going to learn to follow the 4x4 bike. Tino used to love this but Horse is none to happy about the bike. I bet I get asked to sit on the back to hold him the first time.
Riding him to do the stock work seems like an easier and nicer idea to me.

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