Friday, November 21, 2008


Yesterday Gina's delightful youngster (who we named Tonka) went home. Spring grass was allowing him to expand at a rather alarming rate outwards (upwards would have been good) and keeping him here much longer did not seem to be in his best interests.
I miss him. Such a lovely, easy pony to have around.

And then we bought home the unfortunately named Shrek. Anyone after a very quiet, steady little dude to get out trekking at the beach or farm on?
He is in need of a make over, some fitness work and then he will be looking for a new home.
This morning I took him out in the float, met a couple of friends and took him for a farm ride. I last saw Shrek 8 mths ago when I bought Gus. Funny that I now have the 2 horses here that I looked at that week. I rode him that day and have not seen him since so I needed my brave boots this morning (I am such a chicken). I shouldn't have worried as he did nothing to cause any concern but he is pretty tired now as he is not fit at all!

Last night Gus actually cantered all the way to the gate to get his feed. Such a silly small thing but I had a big smile. He has just been walking and stopping, showing very little energy so this is a big positive.

Summer is loving her new saddle. She is becoming a bit of a handful though as she gets fitter. Might have to see if we can catch up with Gina again next week. I think I will put her back in a bridle for a while too, just to get her working properly instead of sticking her head in the air and evading me like she is.

Not happy that I'm loosing my trekking buddy though. I hope her life takes a better turn now that decisions have been made.

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