Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random bits & pieces

Finally we have some real action on the shed! Builders here this morning cutting concrete so the digger can do the holes for the poles. Wonder how long thats going to take..................

Gus is better again. He's been very good about keeping his bandage on his foot to keep it clean. Apart from the pink bandage I foolishly used one day. It was the only one he removed, somehow?!?!?

Summer seems to be better, for how long though is the question. I couldn't cope with another horrible ride the other day so she had a lunge session. I have the rope burn to prove it too. Must remember to wear gloves. Gee I wish I knew what her problem is sometimes.
However I did ride her yesterday with Steph & Kelda. I lead her away from home and through a couple of gates before getting on. Apart from one moment of "I don't want to" at a gate she was back to being a pleasure again. She is quite challenging sometimes.

Steph came for a ride again and bought her latest Wwoofer with her. Kelda rode the wonderful Shrek who is just getting better every day. I rode him the day before and had him moving forward quite good but he was so steady for Kelda which was great! He seems to be happier in himself and really looks to be enjoying his new like which is full of variety at the moment.
He is going to be a wonderful safe mount for someone.
Steph rode Horse this time. He is settling down so well and is just a lovely easy horse to have around.

Jingles please for Kai. She's another one I am guardian of. Kai was found the other day with some really nasty looking Oedema on her belly and between her front legs. She was treated with AB's and blood was taken. Mike is really worried about her. She is his great mate. Last night he tells me a message from the vet has him worried as it appears its a very nasty infection and he suspects its affecting her heart as she seems to have a heart murmur. Come on Kai, your a tough old girl so hang in there please.

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