Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy, busy........and its hot!

You would almost think summer had arrived its been so hot this weekend!

Foolish me, I decided I would put up an ad for Shrek thinking it would probably take a couple of weeks if not a month to sell him.
Put the ad on and then went into town. My phone started ringing and after a great long conversation the lovely lady decided to head out first thing this morning to see him.

I thought that was just a fluke, but no, I got home to e mail inquiries and telephone messages all from people wanting to see him. That continued late into the night and 7.30 this morning it started all over again.
So the short version is that Beverley came, I took her out for a good hours ride and even despite Shrek throwing in a totally over the top spook (don't they always prove you wrong) she decided to buy him.

So my plans of taking him to Matakana Island are in tatters, but thats OK, I think Gus is up to it. I took him out this morning with Shrek and he was fine. Just need to get his shoes on and take him quietly but thats not a problem as I need to keep Summer in work as she is going to Waiouru next weekend.

And then, late this morning Don & Mat came out again for a ride.That one took nearly 3 hours as Charlie was with us and he took us way out and round the farm.
I was gasping by the time we got back as its so hot and I had been out riding since 9.30 in the morning.

Summ was good till we got to a really long downhill section and then she started her sideways stuff and jumping down banks. Its not a great feeling as its really quite steep and slippery.
She didn't want to cross the creek until someone else went in front. She was like that on Friday when we went to Nicola's too which is really naughty considering the number of rivers she has crossed. But thats Summer. Totally unpredictable.

Horse went well. He is pretty tired this afternoon but it did him no harm as is going to be tougher than that next weekend.

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