Monday, October 27, 2008

Poor Gus

Gee am I feeling bad now. Thinking I was doing Gus a favour by getting his shoes off, this morning we pulled a nail out of his foot.
Its just not his month! So now he is lame as well.
He totally loves me fussing over him though and stood with it soaking in a bucket and then practically went to sleep while I bandaged it for him.
It didn't go in far but it is sore so he has it poulticed for the night and I will go and get him an anti tetanus in the morning.

Its been windy as here today but Susan and I went to the Trig and back this morning. Fozzie is so sweet and it was nice to be able to go for some trots and canters.

And this afternoon Charlie had his horse (who he is now calling Horse) out and I rode around the paddocks with him for company.
I think he is getting better with every ride so just now needs to get out a bit more.

Sick of the wind though and pleased to now be inside for the rest of the night.

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