Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just making notes

Gus had his shoes off today. Not much point in having them on right now but the poor fella is tonight, tip toeing around the paddock.
He is looking heaps better, YAHOO and has rounded up over the rump so fingers and toes are crossed that he is on the way back up finally!

Charlie had another ride on his big horse this afternoon. He settled much quicker and even did a bit of trotting.
Tomorrow we will get him out in the paddock for a walk around instead of just the yards.

And Summer got her back shoes on finally! The first ones I bought were a size to big so its taken till now to get it sorted out.
Just in time as Susan is bringing Fozzie out early in the morning for a hack up the hill.

And Karma went off to Polly's place. I enjoyed having him again, even for just a couple of days but I am pleased I don't have to work on that shag pile coat of his. We have Karma hair everywhere just from my 2 sessions with the shedding blade.

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