Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first endurance ride

Summer and Shadow

After a rather bad ride yesterday in the howling wind, I went off to Putaruru with Jan for our first endurance ride.

Just the 15 km fun ride (hardly endurance is it) but I have to say it wasn't too much fun really.
A very excited Summer cantering sideways, snorting and generally being a bit of a handful is probably not ready for that kind of riding just yet!

She was certainly fit enough and we cantered, actually galloped with poor brakes quite a bit of the time (I don't think real endurance people do that).
We walked the last couple of Km's and even stopped at one point to try to get her and Shadow to settle but they weren't having it today at all.
The final vet check nearly saw us vetted out as she was still pawing the ground and spinning round but we just scraped through.

So I think we will stick to doing some nana rides and quiet treks till she settles down...........a lot!

In saying that though I am not an endurance convert. Its a long way to drive to have a very quick ride when we could have cruised around enjoying the scenery.

And the shed finally arrived. 2 days late but its here, yay! But some tosser has stolen our mailbox.
One we bought nearly 20 yrs ago (it was second hand even then). I never thought anyone would bother with an older one like that but they have.
They tried to take the one beside it too but obviously couldn't get it loose so they beat it up instead.
Karma will get them.

And a slightly odd coincidence. Where we went for the ride today was on the road where the auction was held that we bought the mail box from. We've been past the road many times but never actually been up it again till today........................

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