Saturday, October 11, 2008


The boys performed like absolute stars again! I am just blown away by how good they are in what must be an alien environment to them.
Shadow being black look stunning with all his pink decorations but Gus looked pretty good too.

On Thursday we had to get them all dressed up so the Waikato Times could do a story on us all.

Anyway we headed of into the industrial area of Te Rapa again. Found our way to the ACC building and asked for Gilleen. Was so nice that she enjoys seeing Gus. The boys got heaps of attention from the staff there. Actually they gots heaps of attention from people everywhere!
Still being school holidays we spent some time having photo's and letting the kids pat the boys at the place that was running a holiday programme. Also at a couple of child care centres.

Crossing State Highway One was not for the faint hearted!! Usually we go to the pedestrian crossings or at round a bouts but up where we were yesterday there was a bit of a shortage of both.

We headed for the Cock & Bull Hotel to hang out with the lunchtime crowd. Gus had a few chips while we both had a lemonade. It was getting quite warm by that stage.

We had photo's outside a showhome so the owners could put them in their next newsletter. They are getting good at posing for camera's.

Again we met all sorts of people. Some who just want to see the horses. Others want to ask about why, and how do we ride them without bits. And the quiet people who just want to give you money as well as some who have a story about how Cancer has touched their lives.
Its a very humbling experience at times.

$779.10 we raised which is just amazing. Thank you everyone.

Later on in the day I took Gus and Summer to visit with Tommy Behrns. He is an amazing horse Chiropracter. I had suspected that Gus had hurt himslef when he slipped on concrete about 6 weeks ago but hadn't realised how sore he really was. Just shows again what a wonderful giving boy he truly is.
I haven't been riding him too much thankfully but he is now going to have 2 weeks off to recover from being manipulated yesterday. Then he should be all good to go again.

Must mean its Summers turn for some riding.................................

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