Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not much to report on really

Getting very bored with this horrible wind :( It takes all the pleasure out of doing just about anything.

I rode Summer today out over the farm. My first proper ride on her in ages. Stan came along and Margaret on the still feral "Goose". All ponies looking for excuses with the wind and everything was apparently worthy of being spooked at. But we survived it.

A good 2 hr ride up around our lake where I haven't been for quite some time. I was thrilled to see the swans with their Cygnets swimming around still, but all the ducks have gone now that is obviously safe in other parts of the country.

We have quite a busy week ahead. Monday, hopefully going to Little Valley Farm. Tuesday, work in the morning and in the afternoon Gus needs to get all gussied up as we are meeting early Wednesday morning with the Waikato Time for some photo's and they want to do a bit of a story on Jan and I about our collecting on horseback.
Gus needs to have his p.j.'s packed as he is staying over at Shadow's place till Friday which is pink ribbon day. We are again going to ride around Te Rapa collecting money, this time for Breast Cancer research.

Not too sure when we will hear back from the security company on our proposal for using the horses at big events. Quite exciting to think we could actually be getting paid to ride our ponies.............the thought of that still makes me laugh out loud!

Something a bit strange happened tonight. Normally after Summer has had a ride you don't see her for dust! Big paddock and good gullies to hide out in!
Any ways while I was out feeding the calves she was just right there, hanging over the fence. I snuck inside and pinched the last of the bread for her. Such an unusual occasion deserves a reward!

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