Sunday, October 12, 2008

A day without wind

Well I threw all caution to the wind today and took Summer for a ride with the HORSE Club.
Spent all morning trying to ignore my nerves LOL but decided how bad can it get??

14 horses and some of them Very Fresh! So the start was where I was going "Oh no, this is bad" as we went sideways and danced around briefly but then I tucked her up beside a couple of the more settled horses and we had a great ride.
Crossed some lovely stoney bottom creeks where she had a good splash and apart from a random buck at the end because she didn't want to go through a gateway, she was a star.

It was a lovely ride with virtually no wind at all, which makes a huge change for out here.
I think I love my pony again and this break with Gus is probably exactly what I need to get going on her again.

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