Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How bad am I !

While saddling up Summer this afternoon for a ride at Karens, I realised I had gone the whole ride on Sunday without her breastplate on.

I never ride on the farm, hills or anywhere without one and can't believe I was so wound up that it took till today for me to notice.
Totally shocked at myself

Anyway today went well (without the breastplate again) mainly thanks to neighbour Gaylene and the fabulous Ed who led the way.

Karens Mystique was nappy and didn't want to leave home which Summer found unsettling. Once we had the steadying influence of Ed all went well and we had a great time.
Big scary red truck (I thought so anyway) went past and Summ never turned a hair. We had to stop and watch the digger working for a couple of minutes till he noticed us and again no problems to my star pony.
BUT the white Peacock was worthy of a spook by all 3 till he was safely out of sight.

I am starting to enjoy her again and she has stopped being cold backed when you first get on thankfully.
Now lets just hope it doesn't rain for the next month and we can continue this progress or I will be back to square one again.


Stellar Sport Horses said...

is that the same white peacock up by my old place? I used to ride past one all the time heading from my place towards Karens.

Sharon said...

Yeap, same one. We came out onto the road just below your place were riding back down to Karens. He was in the yards by the road.