Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deja vu

This is all seeming too familiar.

Monday I had the vet to Gus.
On Sunday we had seen him licking dried blood from the bottom of the trailer. He was there for 1/2 an hour at least and when we got up the next morning he was back there licking again.
I decided I wanted him blood tested as I have been far from happy with his condition for a while now but that just confirmed that something was not right.

The vet didn't seem to think there would be anything wrong but today he let me know that the results, while not really bad, there was some unusual things going on.
At this point it is hopefully just a mal absorption problem and hopefully with some probiotics he will come right. We will retest his blood in one months time.
His condition has improved slightly in the last 2 weeks but considering he is not getting any work and the amount of feed he's on, he should be a lot better.
Fingers crossed for Gussie boy.

The Deja vu part- its approx one month till the first real trek. The wonderful weekend at Waiouru and of course I had planned to take Gus to this one. Just like my first posts on this blog I am now going to be riding Summer.
This time though as things are going well with her it shouldn't be the anxiety ride it was back then.

We went for a ride with Steph this afternoon. Summer was really good. It was pretty exciting there to start with as ponies were chasing us down the fenceline and then the cattle too.
She was very good all considering and I hope it continues.

The lovely Linda (Bowies mum) has kindly offered us her left over Protexin so tomorrow I will get Gus started on it.

And Steph tells me that Cruize is doing really well with Alison and her family. Steph is giving them lessons again.
I've been thing a lot about Cruize again lately so it was good to get news that he is really happy and having fun with his family.
I must go and visit him again soon.

Really worried about my boy though....................

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