Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Labour weekend

Supposedly Monday is the day we commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day.
In my world its the first long weekend we have after the long and boring weekend.
We really look forward to it but generally the weather is pretty crappy so its a great big fat failure but oh well, a day off is still a day off!

We had a lovely and very quiet ride with Susan and Stan today. We finished off with some time in the river and managed to get deep enough to get MY feet wet a bit LOL.
Played with Miami and took some photo's of her for her Golden Horse registration.

Karma came home with us today as Fiona has the lovely Blackie to play with now. Had only been inside a short time when Nic called to say that she had somewhere for him to go again and lucky for us its just around the corner. Actually right next door to the people who bred him!
I spend 10 minutes with the shedding blade and removed a heap of his loose coat. He is absolutely stunning in the summer but gee does he grow a coat and a half in the winter!

Jan's gone off to Whakatane trekking. It would have been nice to go to but I want to spend the weekend getting Charlie's horse going, in between showers of rain it seems and we need to go and book our holiday.

Must be something wrong with me as I just don't want to go. A different time of the year and I would be as keen as anything but I have too many things I really want to do!

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