Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am actually having fun ;-)

After all that shall I shan't I sell her business I am happy to say that I am really enjoying riding summer and I hope to be for a long time to come!

Thursday I put her in her new hackamore and went riding with Karen again . We helped neighbour Rochelle move some cattle along the road and then carried on around her farm for about an hour. When we left her Karen & I continued onto another neighbours place for another hour getting back at 7.30 pm.
We had a great time.

And today we did the hobbyhorse trek at Waitetuna. Brilliant ride. Summer was a bit wound at the beginning, but soon settled and was never really difficult to control at any time. She is much steadier with her head now that she is bitless again which is nice.
Trevor was there with his Mule who Summ seemed to think was pretty OK. Motu can't stand them and this is the same Mule that Gus got into a dither over LOL but the one who I would have most suspected to pack a tantrum actually thought he was good! LOL You never can tell, can you............

Oh and yesterday I taught her to duck under the dust cover on the float so that I can travel her with it done up. I'm too short to reach the top to be undoing it completely all the time.
She is a bit unsure about backing out under it but its so nice that she trust me when I tell her its alright.
Here's hoping it does actually keep some of the summer dust out!

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