Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, 5 June

Tuesday, 5

The weather predictions for the next few days are bad. Lots of snow and rain but as we head north, it seems like we might still be just ahead of it.   

While it s overcast, it’s not raining so we stop at Punakaiki and with an incoming tide, the blowholes are performing with spectacular shows of spray and the noise is incredible.

A cheeky Weka tries to find food in my camera bag and drags it round the table. 

Then an overseas visitor got really excited as she hadn’t expected to see a kiwi and asked me to take her photo with the Weka. I did try to explain but suspect she still thinks it was a Kiwi.

As it still wasn’t raining, but getting greyer by the minute, we stopped at the Seal Colony further up the coast and got to see heaps of seals. 
There were lots of young ones feeding off their mothers.

Then it started to rain and continued to get heavier the further we went. We have decided to cross tomorrow as the weather is set to stay around for a few days and we may as well be on the other side of Cook Strait while we can.

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