Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nearly home

Thursday, 7

Today was really enjoyable. A late start was nice and then a visit with a person who has become a great friend and confidant.

I think it was this blog, way back in the early stages that actually connected us both. That and The Great NZ Trek.

It’s fun to see how other people live. Long distance friendships mean that you miss out on a lot of the day to day stuff in people’s lives and you end up imagining things. It will be so much easier to picture Gina now, when you tells me about all she has been doing and what changes are happening.

We eventually made it to Taupo after stopping to check out what must have been every second hand shop on SH 1 between Levin and Taupo. Surprisingly, there are quite a few!
We bought an old galvanized watering can with brass rose and a hammer.  I can hear the echoes of laughter now!  Last of the big spender’s aye!

Home tomorrow.

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