Friday, March 4, 2011

One week on

My first physio visit after the trek was wonderfully positive. I felt an improvement and it showed.
Taking pain meds regularly as well as the proper doses of anti inflamatories so that I was capable of riding my horse even just a little bit, had a good flow on effect. That and the sling wearing to rest the damaged shoulder.

5 days later, haven't been so good with the drug taking, had a couple of bad nights sleep, pottering around doing a few things and physio today was not so flash. Am taped up again for the weekend.
There is a lesson in that somewhere....................

Although she did laugh a lot at my description of how the heck was I going to cut up a pumpkin yesterday. I remember taking big ones out to the chopping block as kids and making the first big cut with an axe but thought better of doing that with the tiny green thing that was sitting on the bench.
In the end I gave up all together and we had carrots instead.

So that kind of sums up my week really. In town a few times with cars needing repairs etc and generally busy catching up with stuff. None of it horsey.

Not that any one will employ me right now (she says using the computer mouse in her left hand to correct spelling errors) with a medical certificate that says it will be 6 mths before I am fit to work 15 hrs per week, but work is on my mind a fair bit.
Time for a change ?
I still have my part time work at home but I am thinking about study again. What for though? What will it achieve and what would I be aiming at?
More thinking needed.

Still have our Mokau weekend to do. I probably won't ride a horse though and will be camp mother and part time photographer instead. Assuming I can hold the camera up long enough by then.

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