Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random stuff

Some photos that I like and thought worth sharing as I don't have much else to report on lately.
The ones below are from the official Wind Farm opening. Well from the dawn service anyway which was far more enjoyable than the later one which involved our Prime Minister later in the day.
Bus loads of people coming along the roads. The dawn service was more culturally focused, so lots of representatives from local Marae attended and spoke. The Kuia calling in the early morning light was magical as it echoed around the Plateau.

The camera didn't like the light and I have no idea how to work the manual settings on it so the photos are all a bit odd but I kind of like them that way :-)

And Mr Bumble Bee bust at work. Spent a bit of time watching him hop around.

I seem to have acquired myself another small part time job today. It may lead to something more but for now, I will take it and see what the universe offers up for later on.

We have 2 ponies with a virus presently.

The dogs and cats seem to have missed us terribly. The 3 cats are inside all the time it seems and even Dozer who mainly lives in the barn spends all day asleep inside if he can.
Tonight he even bought home a dead rat and announced it to me in vocal cat language. To say I was not impressed is a bit of an understatement!! The can keep their vermin to themselves thank you very muchly!!

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