Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have done some dumb shit in my lifetime

and I am beginning to think I fell on my head once too often.

Against everything I am being advised, I am going on the Great NZ Trek next week. Not only am I going, but I am riding a horse which is not what is recommended. Let alone a horse thats only had a couple of months riding and 9 months ago was virtually unhandled and pretty damn feral. Actually he is still a bit feral.......

No surgery for me. I have a Frozen shoulder that will take 12 mths to 2 yrs to be anything like normal again.

What I understand is the the joint capsule is so inflamed from the trauma of injury, that the lining thickens which is what stops the movement. Once the pain settles (expected time is 3 - 6 months) the process of regaining movement begins and that can take some time.

Any more injury will delay the process of healing and make the whole thing worse. I have very limited movement at all in that arm.

Had a ride at the beach the other day on Chief. He was a prat and I was a nervous nellie. Hate having to have a minder go with me everywhere but then I can't go on my own so having to suck it up. Lucky I have good friends. I hope I don't wear out my favours too quickly.

Charlie is still riding him for me occasionally to keep him fit and his mind on the job. He is enjoying him a bit too much for my liking. Lucky Chief is too small for him to ride too much aye.

Summer is looking very uncared for but is enjoying this bit of rain we are getting. Rolling uncovered and smirking at me from her side of the fence. But she has a real sulk when Chief gets to go places, especially on the float.

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