Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice Cream

Today's HORSE (stands for Hamilton Older Riders Social Equitation) club ride was a Jan special.
Jan is the woman that got me into Daffodil day.

We departed from the Waikato equestrian centre, went along the road and down onto the walkway that runs along the Waikato river.
You have to negotiate some things (technical term) that stop motor bikes using the paths and also slow down bikes. Tight turn for a big horse or a slightly feral one like mine who thought they were going to eat him.

The rest of the ride continues along the river and then you go up onto a special bridge and cross the river.
Once on the other side, you go under the main road via 2 tunnels that have monsters living at each end of them according to Chief.

We eventually ended up at Chartwell which is a big suburb of Hamilton city and the location of a huge shopping mall. Complete with movie theatre and numerous other shops.
Our party of 5 ended up outside Burger King eating ice creams.
Chief got to try his first one and wiped most of it on my shirt.

Then it was the ride in reverse back to WEC. Just over 2 hrs it took. Chief did so well. I was so nervous before leaving that I was close to being sick. Funny though as once I got on him, I felt so much happier. It helped that he was pretty settled too.

So thats another wee adventure for him to tell his mates about tonight in the paddock. I am very lucky to have great friends who encourage me to do this stuff.
My overwelming fear of road riding after the incident with Summer all those years ago now, is becoming more manageable every time.

Tomorrow, we are going to Raglan beach. Could be interesting, especially if the Kite surfers are out. Not that many horses worry about them but Chief is still so new to many things.

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sally said...

good luck on Raglan beach and I'm glad Chief was a good boy for you ride out in the town area