Monday, January 17, 2011

Hay Making

All the Fergy's lined up this morning, ready for work

Hay in rows, waiting the baler

Charlie on Betsy with the sweep
And the baler working flat out to beat the rain.

So all the hay is safely in the barn. Very light crop due to the lack of rain in recent months. Ironically, about half an hour after they finished, the rain started and didn't let up for several hours. At least the paddock will freshen up quickly.

And below is the rather, err 'round' Summer. 6 weeks of no work is taking an affect despite her being behind the tape and getting break fed.
We still need to get on and have a proper ride in the saddle but it's looking an OK fit so far. Still might have to do some shimming to counter her being so downhill and I am amazed at how wide it is and that it does actually fit her.

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sally said...

glad you got your hay in before the rain. We had light crops too. most paddocks down by a third. No extra for others to buy this year.Summer looks good ....hope the new saddle works out ok