Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a difference a Day can make

Funny how quickly things can change.

The saddle has been paid for. Now I can focus on the new one but of course that leaves me saddle less. And with 2 horses that are not easy to ride with a saddle, I won't be going far bareback. Not that it wouldn't do me any harm.

Talking about harm, my right arm has been keeping me awake at nights. Makes a difference as it's usually the left one!
Anyway, when I last fell off Summer, I obviously hurt it more than I realised at the time. I mentioned it to the doctor when I was there about all my recent lots of x rays and she looked sympathetic and said that it was going to take quite some time to heal......

So, after a day of panic, and plenty of gloomy feelings, I came to the realization that Summer will not be going to the Great NZ Trek this time round. Unless some minor miracle occurs in the next few weeks.
She will be the back up horse to Chief but without a saddle...................

We are waiting for some saddle trees to arrive via the courier to try on her. I will take some photos when we do that.

So yesterday I did a trip to Cambridge to check out some saddles to use in the mean time. I need something to ride Chief in.
Came home with one from the second hand shop to trial and it fits Chief reasonable well. Doesn't go any where near fitting Summer but we are used to that.
It will fit Trapper when he goes back to his more normal shape but it's just a fill in till the other one is completed.

Chief has had 2 days off so it was a slightly nervous me, trying a new saddle out on him. Oh and the Valerian arrived so I gave him a smaller dose than suggested on the advice of someone who uses it.
I don't know if it was the Valerian or just him adjusting more each time to being ridden but he was really good.
Neck much lower than normal, no chomping his teeth together, and just steady most of the time.
All good there.

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