Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The personalitiy that is Chief

Yesterday afternoon, I took Chief up to Huntly. He was going to get some more riding out time by a person who is super confident and know's there stuff. Certainly not someone like me who gets put off a bit too easily.

He saddled chief up while I was there, and quietly spent some time in the paddock with him. Chief looked like an explosion waiting to happen.

So I said "Gotta go, have fun and I will be in touch" and headed off.

He followed me out the gate and as I left, he was heading off down the road past the Huntly Power Station and going towards town! This is my feral bush horse who has never been anywhere much.

I headed off to pick up our mare (who is not in foal) and when I came back past 2 hrs later, Chief was not in the paddock still. Must still be out riding I am thinking. That is either a good sign or maybe a bad one.
So I quietly headed towards home wondering if I might see him.

Getting to the Ngaruawahia side of Huntly, along by the river is a big sand area.
There is my feral horse being ridden around in the river by a few teenage boys who were out having a swim!
I had a chat with T, he said he was pretty spooked going through town (I wonder why, LOL) and had a few difficult moments but was starting to settle. I headed for home and Chief and him headed back down to the river for some more work.

Later this afternoon, I'm heading back there to watch him and will maybe even have a ride myself.

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