Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chief at the river

I am waiting at the place next to the Waikato river, where T goes to ride his horses this afternoon when I spot my Chief heading towards me along the road with 2 kids on biks not far behind.

Chief looks to be moving along quite quickly, and I'm thinking how awesome he looks.

T stops to ask me if I want to ride which of course I decline even though I was just riding him back at the paddock earlier in the afternoon.

"You go do your thing for a bit and then I will ride him" I say.

Mean while the 2 kids with bikes catch up. "Is that your horse?" one of them asks. Well of course I tell them that he is and then I get this in response "he's going alright aye, better than yesterday. He even had an amble going on all the way down the road"

We continued a brief conversation and then they took their bikes and headed off for a swim and I just had to stand and smile. You gotta love kids some days!

So I did get back on Chief. Crossed the small section of river on him and headed onto the large sand bank that is way bigger than it looks.
I spent some time working him around just at a walk but gee he is quick. A real quick stepping little fella but he does feel like a much bigger horse when you ride him.

So progress is all good I guess. He is not fighting the bit as much and has been back through town again.
Tomorrow he will only get a short ride and then I pick him up on Friday.

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sally said...

All the best with Chief ....sounds like its all going well. Young horses are hard work at the best of times aren't they. And Miss Misty wow wow wow she looks amazing. All credit to you