Monday, November 1, 2010

High's and Low's

Story of life really isn't it? Up one minute and down the next.
Today has been a ride and and a half and it's only half over!

The good news for the day is that Chief is going to Kaitieke to be ridden out. It will either make him or break him I guess, and I sincerely believe the former or I wouldn't be going ahead with it.
Just got to get some shoes on him and he will be in the float and gone.

We have acquired a new hack for Charlie as Trapper doesn't look like being ready to go to Waiouru.
Grace is a tall standardbred mare who has been out of work but did do some trekking and even jumping apparently.
We pick her up tonight.

The teenager still causes concerns. Focusing on the positives and keeping lines of communication open seem to be all we can do just now. It can't go on forever.

Excited for Chief. I can't wait to see him being ridden out.

Now..............where did I leave the farrier?

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