Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does pride still come before a fall?

After all my blog posts about the drama's Summer and I have had learning to become a team, this one comes as a bit of a surprise.

I am so totally thrilled with her at the moment. Pride making me smile so wide my face hurts, LOL

Yeah sure, there are some "moments", (pigrooting down the beach being one of the more recent ones) but lately, the good far out weighs the bad.

An older Maori chap I know slightly, rang me over the weekend. I had said hello to him on the trek at Kaitieke and made polite conversation a couple of times, but as you do on these rides, you don't always spend much time together.
Anyway, he doesn't ring here all that often, actually I can't remember when but it's a very casual acquaintance.

"Gosh that horse of yours is nice" he tells me. "Me and my mates were watching her all weekend and really admired how nicely she was going". "And you just ride her in a halter too".

This is what I consider REALLY high praise from people who may be known to be a bit rough around the edges, but are considered to be real horse people.

Lots of people admire Summer and comment about how she is a lovely looking horse, but lately, the comments are also about her manners, how well she gets around, her wonderful skills opening and shutting gates, and how nicely she just.............gets along.

Today when out with friends, again there was good positive comments from them. So just at the moment I am filled with pride for my lovely pony.

And next week when I fall off, you will all know why.


FeetNZ said...

She IS a lovely girl, and it is so good to hear how much you are enjoying her. Isn't it great when the odd bad day doesn't set you back, and you can still enjoy all the good ones.

sally said...

Oh just gorgeous ...... I'm thrilled to hear how you feel about Summer. You certainly have been on a real journey and isn't it great when it all comes together. You should be proud of yourself ( aren't you glad you didn't get a buyer earlier in the piece!!)