Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild weather and wind

Now that all the roading and cabling is completed up on the Plateau, they are starting to bring in the windmill parts.
Lots are in shipping containers but the really big pieces come by road.
There are 48 wheels on the trailer above (according to teenage son) and the truck behind the trailer is connected to it via a steel bar. Apparently it helps with the steering. 25 tonnes (is that how you say it) in that piece which is the motor bit that goes on the top.

And this of course is one of the windmill blades. Very weird watching it go past. But it's been too windy to bring any more , how ironic is that!
But today the wind has settled and several more of the nose cone pieces came past.

This is all exciting to me as it signals the beginning of the end. Not long now and we can ride on ALL the farm and not just the 1500 acres of front country. Man I am spoilt!

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sally said...

Oh wow that is some serious hauling going on. Couldn't get over the size of the windmill blades. Bet they will be impressive when they are up.
Was on trade me and there is a cute horse called Sisco that might suit your friend Stan. Looks pretty reliable ....a nice type. Was listed today I think