Saturday, September 25, 2010

Small white and noisey

Earlier in the week, I kind of acquired a small white pony in need of some TLC. She wasn't the happiest wee thing in the beginning but has been getting better and better, every day.

It started with the trumpeting stallion like neighs that almost echoed around the district. Definitely an announcement to let all other horses know that she was there and very much alive!

Ooh, great I was heard to say, she really is feeling good today. Now that she is living on the back lawn however, and still making sure we all know that she's there, and what about moving the tape alright, I am starting to wonder what kind of a monster lives under all the white hair!

Yesterday I put her behind the tape for the fist time. I was still just hooking up the unit and she was on her way over the tape. So I tied her up, fixed everything well, and then turned the unit on, BEFORE letting her loose. One good whack and she was reminded what it was all about and I am happily patting myself on the back.

So later that day, I decide to move the tape slightly to avoid her making mud. Turned off the fence, shifted the tape etc and then got quite concerned by the odd behaviour being exhibited beside me by the small noisey thing. Too late though, she had backed up 2 strides and then when full gallop at the fence, shot straight under it and cantered across the drive and out the open gate into the paddock full of knee length, not pony friendly grass.

Luckily she thinks I'm OK and let me catch her again quite easily. Fence fixed again, power on and then she got let loose. Grunts, squeals and measuring of every space available followed. Sharon pats herself on the back again.

Today, small white noisey pony was out for her exercise on the lead. Again feeling better and better every day. She went for a bit of a trot beside me, kicked up her heels and aimed a well placed kick at the 2 dogs following me.
I gave her a quick tug on the lead to correct her behaviour, the spring clip flew to bits and small white pony was cantering off across the way again. I had however shut the gate this time, see I do learn some things.

I am wondering what tomorrow will bring...............

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