Thursday, August 12, 2010

Contrasting places

It's a bust time of the year despite the weather. Lots to do and plenty of animals to feed. I have some calves to rear and the odd orphan lamb makes a brief stop off here before going to people for pets days at schools.

Still working with Chief. After one really, REALLY bad week, he has had some time off thanks to the rain again but the past 2 days he has been really good.
That could be because I have separated him from his mates. His behavior, when trying to work with him was all related to getting back to see the other horses etc. Very nappy so my response was to separate him.
He did quite a lot of running around for a few days but is so much nicer and easier to deal with now for the whole experience.

I had a lovely ride on Summer earlier this week. A few testing moments at the beginning but all good really after that. Just her and me out on the farm together. No one even know's where we are some days and then the very next day we went in Hamilton and did a practice run for Daffodil Day.

Talk about a contrast. We rode along part of Victoria Street in Hamilton City. Summer did very well for a pony who doesn't leave the country too often. She is much better with people than Gus and happy to stand around while people talk and pat the horses.

Shadow lead everyone of course like the great horse he is. Jan has a new pony which is the cute black on the left in this photo. Nugget is learning the ropes from the master himself.

Summer is much nicer with her Flash strap and martingale rings. No arguing at all. I will keep with them till she gets back to a decent riding routine again I think.

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