Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ups & Downs

The big news of the day..............................................I sat on Chief!!!!! :0)

Progress but it's been a tough week. Lucky I seem to like a challenge but have to admit there have been a few times this week when I thought it was too much of a challenge.
Lucky I have a horsey husband who is on hand to give advice and a helping hand when things go a bit pear shaped.

Chief has decided that this working business is not really to his liking and voiced his displeasure more than a few times. It's taken a lot of working through and we are not quite there yet but today he seemed a lot more accepting.
I've been doing a bit of leaning and pretending to sit etc by using the drenching race walk way. It's a perfect height.
Today he was very relaxed so I had a bit of a sit. Progress.

Summer on the other hand is obviously full of spring grass and being very difficult. Tonight she is in the yard with hay and water. We are going to WEC tomorrow. I might need a parachute.


sally said...

Oh how wonderful to hear your progress .....the first sit .Bet you were nervous. I'm green with envy that you have a horsey husband. I live in hope that mine might one day be a little bit interested. Summer sounds like spring trouble. Good idea with hat and water ....add the toxin binder and magnesium and hopefully you will survive.Are you anywhere near Te Akau South??

and this is Summer said...

Reasonable close. Te Akau is just across the harbour from Raglan

KA said...

awesome progress! As long as he gets all his "voicing displeasure" out of his system before a rider happens you'll be right! LOL