Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That was a whole heap more exciting than it was meant to be!!

Today was always going to be a bit different.

It started with me being unable to find ANY of the 4 keys that unlock the padlock my wonderful man had used to lock the roller door where the float is kept.

Aisha, who comes and rides Trapper occasionally had organised for us to go the the Pony Club grounds with the horses this morning so you can imagine how frustrated I was starting to get at the lack of the key!!!

Ryan was dispatched to find his father who unhelpfully was out the back mustering cattle. So we did what any good person would do and cut it off with the bolt cutters :-)

Summer was horrible. There were 3 very close to hitting the turf moments and some right royal tantrums. Trapper showed her up and behaved like a real cutey. Looking at everything and hopping over a couple of tiny jumps, his first ever.

Then we went for a bit of a wander and I jumped Summ over a couple of the X country jumps. The really tiny ones of course. Trapper decided X country is way better than show jumping and leapt them in fabulous style! They both enjoyed that part of the morning I think.

This afternoon I decided to do some more desenitising work with the Coromandal Hippy, aka Chief. Everything was going fantastically and then I added something new and different to the equation.
Thats when things got REALLY EXCITING. 3 times he attempted the yard fence but he is no natural jumper thank goodness but the one time he had a front leg up over the top rail I thought I was in big trouble!
Thankfully he didn't make it over and he went zooming around the big yard at a great speed, kicking and bucking at the bogie that wasn't leaving him alone.
He eventually settled down and I then sent him off again, just to make sure he knew it wasn't going to hurt him after all.

While all this was going on, Frank who was in the next yard with a couple of young cattle starting racing around which of course made Chief go even faster. The cattle made a couple of attempts to go through the fence where they were with Frank chasing after them. Talk about chaos!! Summer was prancing about and Trapper had his google eyes on.
Of course all them carrying on only further upset the Coromandal Hippy who thought that the thing chasing him was after his mates as well.
What a performance.
I got Frank out into the paddock with Summer and then the cattle settled and so did Chief.

Guess what we're doing again tomorrow........................................................

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sally said...

hahaha i had a good laugh a all your hi jinks. Sounds like fun