Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lots going on

Its been a gorgeous sunny and warn afternoon here today. Covers off. Summer is shedding already. Nothing like long white hair through everything.

Trapper eating Pine needles, what for I don't know. He has the most amazing coat. Glossy and fine. He doesn't wear much in the way of covers as he is quite a hot horse and sweats easily.

Summer was getting miffed with the others as they didn't want to scratch so she had to come and ask me. Lucky I don't mind and she is pretty gentle when scratching back.
Frank's got a bit of rain scald so had a Vetadine wash. Lucky it was warm enough but wow his coat is thick. Took quite a bit of effort to get it worked into the hair.

Chief, once settled is getting much quieter. He let me pick up all 4 feet this afternoon which is fantastic considering his lack of handling these past few weeks.We went and looked at som Peruvain Paso horse's yesterday. Most interesting exercise. I rode the stallion sho is amazing quiet and gentle. The gait is certainly different to anything I have ever seen before and is certainly smooth.

Picked up my first 2 calves this morning to rear. Still a while till the Angus cows start so hopefully these finished and settled before they start to arrive. Hope to get a few more this week but they are just starting. Will be a rush of them soon.

And I have been left with a dear little black goat to feed. Ryan text me yesterday and asked me to feed it for him and he promised to be back this morning. Well guess who still isn't home and guess who is still feeding the kid. I have obviously passed on my liking for goats as Sarah has one as well.

Busy painting the bathroom and toilet. Not good at choosing paint colours hence the reason the bathroom has remained unpainted since it was renovated 3 yrs ago. Am on a mission to get it done now and once those 2 rooms are finished I will move onto the laundry as well.

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