Tuesday, March 9, 2010

catching up

Its not a big photo but its my pretty girl of course. I've been really slack and not taking my camera out much but that will all change next week!

Have had a few fantastic rides lately with friends. One Saturday at Raglan beach we spent ages swimming around in the water on the horses. It was awesome fun.

Then a brilliant ride here at home with a few different people. Summer going really well and then of course as always the wheels fell off the wagon.

She over reached and cut one heel badly. Next day she had a cut on the heel of her hind foot. Looked like she had been stood on and then the itchy patch on her belly (bites of some kind) swelled up so much you could see it hanging down underneath her from the other side.
Of course I got the vet but he said it was oedema and nothing we could do but wait. So she spent a few days on the lunge to maintain some sort of exercise and once the swelling reduced enough I found a very narrow girth that would sit in front of the patch and we headed to Ruapuke beach yesterday with friends.

We got through the gap in the rocks again and went all the way to the end of the beach. Brilliant! Lots of trotting, cantering and a wee bit of a gallop.
I managed to fall off. No camera's between us so no pictures. I have wicked rope burn from hanging onto the rope reins (parelli halter). Wished I had remember my gloves which I have been wearing religiously lately. No damage apart from the burns thankfully.

Today however I have found a bruised knee, bruised hip, stiff shoulder and neck and a bruise on my stomach where I obviously caught the horn on the western saddle on the way down. And the rope burn still of course. All good though. Could be worse.

So we head off on the trek on Saturday. Probably no posts till I get home, too much to do and I have been procrastinating about the cleaning and the packing.

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