Friday, September 4, 2009

Did she??

The wind has ice barbs in it out here today. Very bitter. Not much better at Te Pahu where we went riding this morning.

Summer was very stop start and I employed the services of Poly Wip a few times. I have had enough of her lightening quick reversal and its not so fun for who ever we are with either.

So while we were out over the farm we went down around a track past a small dam and a duck flew off the water.
I was a gonner, gees she can move fast! I actually committed to hitting the ground. Its amazing what thoughts go through your mind in that very quick split second.

But then I was back in the saddle..............she somehow picked me back up again. Well thats what it felt like to me. One of those really bizarre moments. One moment I am hanging right out the side, actually getting ready to let go and hit the ground and then I am practically back in the saddle. It happened so fast but something happened. Been a long time since I looked at the ground that close from that angle.
So did she purposely save me...........thats a nice thought aye ;-) Or was it just good luck.

We ended up having a great 2 hr ride and went through a beautiful block of bush. We could have kept going for hours but Toitoi was getting tired so we turned back.

Have a few people's names on a list to view Gus. I need to get them sorted but I keep waiting and hoping for the perfect person to ring.

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