Friday, August 21, 2009

Teeth time

Today we had the lovely Shirley Calder out to do the horses teeth.

Summer was a bit of a drama queen and didn't want anything in her mouth at all.

Te A was not too bad but decided she could just walk off and drag me along with her, lol.
She has one normal wolf tooth and on thats blind. We will have to work out whether she needs them removed I guess. Still in the mean time she can go bitless and see if that helps her regain her confidence in being ridden.

Cliffie of course was an absolute model patient but is in need of seeing James with the power tools again to take care of his long overgrown tooth. There is no opposing tooth to wear it down with so it seems this is going to have to be a regular thing from now on.

Trapper was none to happy about it at all. He got himself worked into quite a state and Shirley never really got to finish him off properly. He is teething and that may be the cause of his reactions. Can't be pleasant if your mouth is a bit touchy. Will get him looked at again when the teeth settle down.

And dear little Frank got tired with waiting for his turn and lay down for a sleep. I just really wanted to have his alignment checked so while he was laying there he allowed Shirley to look in and see enough to tell her everything was great at this point. He never bothered to get up at all.

Gus has missed out this trip though as he is still being a lifestyle block dweller. I will organise for him to get done sometime soon. He is so happy there right now and the people adore him so I haven't the heart to take him away.
Its nice to be able to share such an amazing, confidence inspiring horse with people.
Miss him terribly some days but will be taking him into town again on Sunday for a final practice and familiarization trip prior to Daffodil day.

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