Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's Taxi

My new little friend 'Taxi'. She is following me out on walks (when I can walk of course) and I am working on getting her used to being around the horses.
Summer is amazing with pups. She is so careful and constantly amazes with how she just seems 'to know stuff'.

Trapper's leg got rebandaged this morning and its looking good. It's not too major at all so just a matter of keeping it clean really..........easier said than done though.

Summer has been trying to tell me something for the last couple of days. I have been too wrapped up in my own pain to take proper notice but decided yesterday I needed to check her out.
She has Tick bites already :( Poor pony. She stood so calmly for me to spray her (and I know how much she hates it) but obviously she has worked out that it helps somehow. Old Cliffie is the same and will just stand in the paddock for the spray. He even lifts his tail and spreads his back legs apart.

Annoyingly she has bitten at a couple of these ticks and of course made sores right where the girth goes. How frustrating is that :(

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