Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So that was Easter '09

An interesting sort of a weekend!

We acquired a new cat, now named "Friday" as it was Good Friday that we found her. She has happily moved in and taken over in that way that cats do.
Dozer and Shorty and not impressed at all and have taken to avoiding the house. They will settle down and get used to the new family member soon............I hope.

I spent a lot of time painting the new tackroom. I am desperate to get the gear into it instead of having it spread all over the house and farm. Charlie came and helped me for a while, which meant we pretty much finished all the painting now. And we have run out of white paint!

We spent some time with the new pony and Charlie tested her brakes, left & right on the long reins. Apart from an initial "what the heck" reaction, she went along really well.
Then I spent some time just hanging out above her using the drenching race. That seems to be her big concern, whats going on up on top. We have plenty of time to work on that though.

Summer still isn't quite right, very frustrating but its not serious enough to call the vet again. There is a steady, slow reduction in these blister things but they are still there.
I caught up with the vet that treated her a month back and he is convinced its initially an allergic reaction and then some of the welts have become infected. Seems bizarre to me and blardy annoying.

And yesterday we bought another saddle. The endless, frustrating saddle fitting problems are something that never seem to be far away from my mind lately.
And I am not alone. Karen has been having problems with Mystique and is now waiting excitedly for her new Mackinder saddle.

The saddle we bought is an old western saddle. I wasn't too keen but Charlie was so it came home with us. I had hoped it might fit Gus as his saddle is not fitting him right now. But no its a bit too wide for him really. However its an excellent fit on Summer! Dare I get excited over that? In a months time it probably won't go near her at all.
It is though incredibly hard! I have got used to my beautifully padded treeless, and even the wintec western I use on Gus is nicely padded.
Still I suppose if it fits the ponies I will have to get used to it aye! Now just to get her better so I can try it out properly..........

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