Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I ever suggest doing something so stupid again

please somebody slap me.

It seemed so easy at the time. I mean how fast can a 5 mth old foal trot? Never mind that he has practically grown out of his new cover already and that his legs seem about a foot longer.
Lets take him to the foal show I said.................What a stupid idea!

So after a day of mild panic, and then after seeing the catalogue, I took the "email a friend" option and asked for help. More panic ensued as I thought she would be too busy doing exciting things for herself, like getting her new float. She kindly said that she would help out.
Still I spent a sleepless night worrying about getting him there etc and woke up with an awful fright this morning thinking that I was late as the sun was already up................WHAT A WALLY!

But in saying all that it has meant that he now leads quite nicely, ties up relatively well, has been covered, washed and brushed. Something that would have taken me weeks to get around to probably. So I guess there is some good in all of that.

2 of the other newbies are now booked to see the fabulous Tommy Behrns later in the month. So after this weekend I will have to get busy with them and get them floating a bit better than they are.

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sally said...

Wow you are a star......i have done the young horse thing and i just take my hat off to those who are committed and in the situation where they can spend the time.......would even like to come give you a hand some time.....all the luck in the world!