Monday, April 27, 2009

Frank gets a cover

Frank was fitted out in his new cover this afternoon. He was totally unfazed by it. I wish they were all that easy!
Apart from a couple of stomps with a hind leg at the leg straps he walked off like he had been covered all his life.
It was getting a bit dark so photo's tomorrow if I remember.

Gus is doing really well if yesterdays display was anything to go by! After their feeds, him and the coloured pony had a bit of a play. What a display he put on. Bucking and racing up and down.
But in true Gus fashion when he decided enough was enough he put a stop to things.
There is a local lady coming to have a ride on him later this week. She is having a tough time with a horse she's been loaned that she describes as "flakey". I'm sure Gus will put her right as he has done for many others.

Frustratingly Summer is still not quite right. Although when I touch the remaining few bumps and rub the imflamol into them, she no longer flinches and looks like she wants to take a piece out of me.
That has to be a good sign!

And I almost forgot, I saw Dream!! I haven't seen her for quite a long time now and it was a bit strange to see her again.
So much like Summer in so many ways but also quite different. She certainly doesn't have the hang up's that Summ has and is a lot more relaxed about life.
She is a lucky pony.

It makes me wonder what Summer could have been like, and just what did happen to her, to make her end up, not only looking like this, but just that she could end up with the trust issues she has.

Summer the day she arrived here almost 4 yrs ago.
And that photo is actually quite flattering :(

And Summer a few weeks ago.

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