Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a bit disappointed really

In today's mail was the trek guide for stage 4 of the Great NZ Trek.

Some of the daily distances are very disappointing. I know at this stage they are just guidelines but 2 days are only just over 14 km's.
The terrain of course has a fair bit to do with it but the figures are a bit of a let down.
Fingers x'd that things change (as I know they did last time) and those numbers increase.

To find a positive in that, it should make this years goal of finishing the trek and not having to turn Summer out for the next 3 months to recover a whole lot easier!

Have started doing some prep for packing today. Making sure the air bed hasn't sprung a slow leak and things like that. Its been a drizzly overcast kind of day so no excuse for not doing the inside chores.


sally said...

Hey there enjoying your blog. Have just recently been to a 3 day trek where the distances weren't that long but very hard going. Was really glad that it wasn't longer as lots of horses would have been totally stuffed for any more. Better fewer km and a sound horse I say. Have fun

and this is Summer said...

Very true Sally!

thestablehand said...

Hey Sharon, all the best of luck for this years trek, I know you'll have a wonderful time, and I just wish I was going - especially now it's only just around the corner!! Can't afford it this year, but maybe next time around huh? Can't wait to catch up with you when you get back to hear about all your adventures. Have an awesome time xxx