Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He followed me home tonight..........honest

I have collected another pony. Poor little dude had fallen upon difficult times.
He has been advertised for sale for quite a while and even at "offers" but no one wanted him. So when the situation got a bit more desperate (lost grazing) it was a case of "free to a good home"
His owner was struggling financially and can't afford to feed him or get the farrier.

Actually the photo's kind of flatter him really. He is not in great shape especially considering the amount of grass around the Waikato at the moment.

He loaded on the float reasonably easy for a youngster thats not been on much. We were expecting the float to be in a mess when we got home but I guess it shows how little food he's been getting that there was not one drop of poo in the float anywhere :(

So he will go out to the beach for the winter and put on some weight. Then we will decide his future I guess.

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