Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 posts in 2 days.............I am getting desperate

I had the vet back to Summer this afternoon.

We have been battling some kind of allergic looking reaction of her back and flank area, which this morning looked a whole lot worse than it has for a while.

She has always been prone to skin problems and I am so very careful. She's been getting washed with vetadine after every ride and her gear is cleaner than our house right now.

The vet seems to think its a bacterial problem. One of the blisters on her flank is close to bursting so if all the others have to go through that process its not going to be good.
He has shot her full of drugs and I have an ointment to rub on 3 times a day and he will try to come back tomorrow to check her again but I am going to give up on the dream of taking her on Saturday.

Its too far to go with the possibility that she will be vetted out before she even starts. And they seem to be sore. If you touch them she buckles at the knees. That will be from me riding her yesterday. Now I really feel like crap.

Gus will of course give me a fabulous ride, but I had the dream of continuing the journey with Summer.

Why am I putting myself through this? Did I learn nothing from last years preparation? I don't think I have ever had a horse as fit as what Summer is right now. So much work all gone to waste

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