Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well the holiday is over

We have been on holiday for a week. What a hassle it is to go away!

12 hrs before we were due to get on the plane "Horse" cut the front of his pastern on the fence. It didn't look too bad till Charlie opened the flap of skin and we could clearly see the tendon.
Panic mode set in of course so the poor vet was called and assured us it didn't need stitching but he did bandage it really well and injected him with all things necessary and some that probably weren't!

We were on a tour round Norfolk Island on our first morning and I got to see a horse. Funny how it makes you get so excited to know they are there!
They have trekking horses who looked fabulous. They fly a farrier over from New Zealand to shoe them all and had an instructor going over for a week to teach the Pony Club kids on the island.

We made friends with a mad pair of ducks that visited our apartment deck twice a day. Probably helped by us feeding them bread etc. I missed the animals!

Everything is fine at home thankfully and the lovely Steph has been and checked on Horse and changed his dressing.

Elaine has followed Frosty to his new lease home. He has landed on his feet this time and every one of his needs will be met to the utmost. There are plans to have him at the Easter Show and possibly HOY if he qualifies.

So now, I just have to get back on my very round blonde pony. Its going to be interesting...............

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