Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 January 2009

I couldn't let the first day of the year go by without a blog post. Happy New Year everyone!

New Years Eve was a quiet one for us this year. I think I fell asleep at 10 minutes to midnight, haha, but thats OK.
I didn't make any New Year resolution....................I never really do. My life is one of those ones that floats along falling into the next thing on offer without ever making any real plans. Maybe thats my problem but too bad. Its worked so far and I am fairly happy with my lot in life.

We have Stan's horse (also called Gus) visiting with us for a few days. He is a real cruiser but his feed regime has me in shock! All the supplements he gets. Mycosord, Magnesium, some potion for allergies, garlic powder, some other supplement I can't remember the name of right now as well as a whole heap of other stuff.
Our horses are on straight grass just now. Summer is fat (no work) and the others are all in great condition. I am really tempted to give this Gus a break from all that stuff too. Whats the odds of him turning into a fire breathing dragon???????????
I think we are taking him for a ride this afternoon. He comes here for rides quite often with Stan but it is going to be interesting to see how he goes with someone else riding him.

I would really like to be starting a fitness regime now for the horse who is going on the Great NZ Trek. I can't make up my mind though who to take! How lucky am I to have 2 super horses. The temptation to ride my Gus is high right now. He seems so well in himself but then Summer would be just hanging around doing nothing. I know if she goes on the trek again it will do wonders for our partnership which is steadily improving. And I know I have Gus to fall back on as I can just get him out at any time with out any drama.
We have to have a week away from here soon though so its hardly worth starting on getting whoever it is to be fit.

Last year the decision was made for me. My first ever post on this blog was about that actually. Of course I could just roll with it and see what happens............................


thestablehand said...

Happy New Year Sharon!! We too fell asleep at 10 minutes to midnight (what's with that?? old age perhaps??)... wishing you all the best for 2009. Kaz x

and this is Summer said...

haha, And here was me thinking you would be out partying! Happy new Year to you all.